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Vanessa Chaires

Vanessa has been with FC FootFire since October of 2022.


With the recent impact of mental health and decline of attention to players during the COVID time, the club has decided to dedicate a role on this matter.

Vanessa recently graduated (Aug. 23') from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Minor in Health Professions. 

Vanessa has greatly handled being a fulltime student, fulltime employee, and volunteer Counselor for the Club. 

Some of her highlights are the understanding of behavioral tendencies and understanding disorders. The ability to interpret these behaviors to coincide with our world around us. Assisting families in understanding their loved one's condition.

Vanessa has 100+ hours of theory based laboratory along with human anatomy, systemic physiology, mental health, and addiction protocols.


Languages Spoken: American Sign Language, Spanish, and English 

You can reach out to her via email where you can schedule a face to face or Zoom meeting.

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